In 1990, Bob and Jan Reardon incorporated Reardon International Technologies, Inc., whose trade style is Ri-Tec Industrial Products, in Marietta, Georgia. In the beginning

Ri-Tec's First order on january 9th, 1990

Ri-Tec's First order on january 9th, 1990

Ri-Tec was truly a “mom and pop” chemical/specialty maintenance products company.  Bob did all of the selling and Jan facilitated the administrative end of the business.  On January 5th 1990, a 55-gallon drum of boiler treatment to Sears Roebuck & Company started the company forward. Originally Ri-Tec’s business plan called for moderate growth, but the opportunity to go international presented itself during the first year of business. Ri-Tec seized the chance and started shipping to its first international customer in Jamaica.  Another opportunity to globally expand presented itself in 1991 at the end of the Gulf War.  Through an exclusive distributorship, Ri-Tec developed a presence in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 1996, international events provided another opportunity to expand yet again, this time into Eastern Europe with the addition of exclusive distributorships in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Slovenia. At the dawn of the new century Ri-Tec developed new business opportunities in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Future expansion will include Poland and Italy.

Like the mouse that roared, the “mom and pop” Ri-Tec gained recognition as a leading industrial products company.  Rapid international expansion provided the capital to start a small but elite domestic sales force. In 1996 when the Olympics were held in Atlanta, Georgia, Ri-Tec was selected by ACOG as an approved vendor to supply water treatment products for the cooling systems for one million square feet of warehouse space. This event along with the efforts of its domestic sales force propelled Ri-Tec out of its original office space into its new corporate offices in Kennesaw, GA.

The beginning of 2002 saw a new direction for Ri-Tec. With the ever-changing market came the development of a telephone sales department to join the already existing domestic sales force.  The combined domestic sales force now services customers in all 50 states. This continued success led to the decision to expand Ri-Tec into Canada.  Ri-Tec International LLC, located in Ontario, Canada began shipping products out to the Canadian Provinces in 2003.  Sales in Canada doubled after just one year.  Then, in September of 2006, Bob and Jan brought on the acting Vice President as an owner as well, solidifying Ri-Tec as a woman owned AND operated company.

On January 14, 2016, Reardon International Technologies became RITE1 Supply Partners, LLC. With new investors, the former Vice President became the first woman President and Ri-Tec Industrial Products was reborn with new ideas, new vision and a strong history of customer relationships and great products.

From its humble beginnings, Ri-Tec has become a provider of products and solutions to many fortune 500 companies including the United States Federal Government, Ri-Tec’s biggest customer to date. With international and domestic growth, Ri-Tec has gone from its first $600.00 sale to be an international company.  Ri-Tec’s mission statement has always been to produce and sell the finest specialty chemical, lubrication, and industrial maintenance products in the market.  That commitment to never compromise on quality continues today.